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Welcome to Junk Car Nashville – Cash For Cars, where we pay cash for all types of vehicle’s and provide free car removal with all of our purchases.
Your vehicle doesn’t run? NO PROBLEM! We love cars that don’t run, because then we don’t feel bad about bringing them to the junk yard to get recycled.

Don’t have a title? Don’t sweat it, we have a process in working with the state of Tennessee to ensure a legal transaction from you to us. So, running or not, title or no title, we can still pay you cash for your scrap car.

If you have a vehicle that is sitting on your property, running or not, and you are tired of paying insurance on it, or sick of it collecting rust. Sell it to us! Selling your car to us will not only get you cash for that junk/unwanted vehicle but also get you a good wad of cash for it.

The process is ridiculously easy. All you do is call us, and we give you a quote over the phone or you can fill out our online form and we will get back to you within the hour. If you like the sound of how much we’ll pay you, then we set up a time that best fits your schedule, and. We can usually get to cars same day. Worst case scenario, next day pickup. We make it easy to sell your used car.

We pay cash for any and all clunkers in Nashville and we strive to offer the absolute best professional junk vehicle removal service to all of Nashville’s residents. Every customer we deal with is very surprised by our awesome customer service, and how our car buyers go above and beyond to make sure you are extremely happy with our service. Getting cash for junk automobiles has never been easier in the city of Nashville.

You get the cash, we get the car, you’re happy, we’re happy and your neighbors are happy! Who would’ve thought things this easy ever existed!? So don’t be scared to scrap you car with us today. We buy all clunkers in Nashville.

Even if you don’t go with us, be sure that the other companies that give you money for your car are also licensed and insured. Dishonesty, and scammy tactics are a big problem in this business.

Give Us A Call Today To Get A Free Quote: 615-722-7419

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Unfortunately you have to be aware of dishonesty in this industry, some place you can trust and some places you can’t.  Some companies will try to take advantage of you and some companies won’t.  It is just hard to find the ones that don’t because of how often it happens and how many people actually fall for the scam.

We are a top rated company that will purchase your vehicle and give you money for it on the spot.  We do not fool around, we do not lie and we do not hassle you when our driver shows up.  Whatever I tell you on the phone is what you will receive when we show up to remove your car off of your property.  Did I mention free car removal, wherever your car is at, just as long as it is within 30 miles of our service area, we will come pick it up.

We are a trusted buyer in the area and we have tow truck driver on route all day to pick up your junk vehicle.  There are many people that have clunkers on there property and want them removed.  Many people have no idea that we would even do this or even give you money. Well I am here to tell you about what we can  do for you.  If you would like your car removed off your property, call us today so that we can get you set up with an appointment to come get that vehicle out of your sight.

The process is pretty simple and it is simple because our customer’s asked us too.  There are other companies out there that will keep you on the phone for over 20 minutes and by the time you are done being transferred everywhere you just want them to come take your vehicle.  Call us today and we will have you a free quote in 30 seconds or less.  All you need to make this happen is a title and a valid ID.  If you do not have your title a registration will work, but having your title makes the process easier for us.  If you agree to our quote we can get you set up in the system.  Our dispatch will contact you to set you up with a pick up time that works around your schedule.

Call the #1 rated car buyer in the area to get the highest quote for any junk vehicle in town.  Once you have experienced us you can like us on Facebook and leave us a review on our Google Places website, call us now!

Cash For Junk Cars

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